• If you want peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies. ~Desmond Tutu

Due to continued uncertainty around the ongoing pandemic and in an effort to make the Invest In Peace Conference accessible to a global audience, the conference will take place both in-person and virtually. Onsite attendance will be limited and we have selected a venue with adequate room to promote physical distancing.   We will follow all the CDC guidelines at the time of the conference.  We are asking participants and presenters to assist us creating a safe/brave space for those attending. We request all speakers and attendees be fully vaccinated or have a negative test result completed 48 hours prior to the the conference.  At this time a mask will not be required, but we hope anyone attending feels comfortable wearing a mask if desired. Your safety is a core value for MMC.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the Invest In Peace Conference.   To propose a presentation, please complete all fields of the submission form.
The Proposal must include: 

 The Workshop Title: 

 Area of Focus: The conference's focus is addressing structural violence and systems. The workshop focus areas assist individuals in addressing the conflict within the context system. We've identified 15 areas in which conflict exists. Please determine your area of expertise and how you can assist others. 

Length of Presentation - Each presentation is a 90-minute workshop 

Presentation Options - How will you present? Online, In-person or Hybrid. 

  • Online - Presentation is online with an online audience only. You will engage with individuals who registered for the online conference.
  • In-Person - Presentation is in-person at the conference site. 
  • Hybrid - Presentation engages individuals both in-person and online. The presentation will be held in the main conference area. 

Primary presenter's name: Please provide the name of the primary presenter as it will be presented on program materials, name badges, zoom name, and promotional materials.

Primary's organization: 

Primary's email address:

Primary's contact's number: In case of emergency or disconnection, MMC would like to contact the presenter. 

Primary connection with MMC: Is the primary presenter an MMC volunteer or donor? 

Are there additional presenters? If there are additional presenters, please include their resumes with the proposal. 

Description of the session: Please provide a 40-word or less description of the workshop. If selected, The Conference will use the workshop description in materials. 

The learning objective of the workshop: Answer "What will the participant be able to do at the end of the workshop?" 

Presenter / Presenters' Resume: Please provide a copy of each presenter's resume. Please make sure the name on the resume is the name to be included in the workshop promotions.

Workshop additional information: If there is additional information regarding the workshop, please include it in an uploaded PDF document. 

Presentation needs: Identify presentation needs. 

We appreciate your consideration. Please remember to ensure the workshop description is 40-words or less as the description will use it in the conference schedule to assist participants in selecting the sessions of interest.