• If you want peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies. ~Desmond Tutu

Midlands Mediation Center believes in the self-determination of individuals and communities. The conference is designed to provide collaborative strategists: Mediators, Facilitators, Coaches, ombudspersons, Counselors, Clergy, Customer Service Representatives, Community leaders and academicians to participate in a conference to increase individuals and organizations toolkits.

Community in Harmony is the MMC's vision.  A community in harmony work together and are bonded to increase awareness, involvement in community programs, youth and senior adult engagement, and linking charitable organizations to the needs within the community.  All citizens are united, acknowleedge their choice in how their community functions and are in agreement with each other on the community's vision, goals, systems and structures to achieve the shared excellence.  Everyone in the community belongs and have a role to cocreate with others the collective goals for the community.

We see structural violence as social systems and structures (e.g., educational, economic, political, legal, religious, and cultural) that hinder individuals, organizations, and societies from reaching their full potential. Some of the risks developed in communities include poverty, crime, homelessness, educational deprivation, and health inequities. We will gather to explore the structures and systems that have long influenced the inequitable distribution of risk.

The solution to the violence in our communities is within the community itself. The local community's rich history of resilience and positive relational assets can be leveraged and strengthened to address some of the intractable societal challenges we currently face. Imagine, if individuals had the tools, skills and resources to invest in peace, what a difference it would make.

The conference is designed to first examine the systems in our community and brainstorm in small groups ways to impact these systems positively. Secondly, attend breakout sessions to secure tools, skills and resources. Finally, network with other communities, organizations and individuals to build stronger partnerships.
We've invited individuals to share their gifts through workshops, panel discussions , and plenary sessions.

Due to continued uncertainty around the ongoing pandemic and in an effort to make the Invest In Peace Conference accessible to a global audience, the conference will take place both in-person and virtually. Onsite attendance will be limited and we have selected a venue with adequate room to promote physical distancing.   We will follow all the CDC guidelines at the time of the conference.  We are asking participants and presenters to assist us creating a safe/brave space for those attending. We request all speakers and attendees be fully vaccinated or have a negative test result completed 48 hours prior to the the conference.  At this time a mask will not be required, but we hope anyone attending feels comfortable wearing a mask if desired. Your safety is a core value for MMC.