McKay Brabham Award

Our McKay Brabham Award recognizes individuals who champion justice by working for reconciliation and peace, and by transcending the barriers of social class, belief systems, racial status and gender.

Previous Award Recipients:
2005:  Dr. McKay Brabham
2006:  Sarah Graydon McCrory
2007:  Rhett Jackson and Reverend Eben Taylor
2008:  Barbara McClain
2009:  Milton Kimpson and James L. Solomon Jr.
2017:  Edward W. Mullins Jr.


Mary Lowndes Bryan Award

Our Mary Lowndes Bryan Award recognizes someone who advances the understanding and practice of mediation, demonstrating respect for differing points of view, learning from and working with others to improve the profession and better serve people in conflict.

Previous Award Recipient:
2015:  Mary Lowndes Bryan


Recent Volunteer Kudos

MMC Board of Directors was awarded a $500 Aflac Inspires Leadership Prize when they were one of the first 60 nonprofits to achieve 100% participation with pre-scheduled gifts to MidlandsGives 2017.

MMC volunteer Mary Lowndes Bryan was selected to receive the Outstanding Volunteer Award for the third quarter of 2016 by the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM).  Mary was selected by a committee of community mediation leaders from across the country for the work she has done to advance the dispute resolution process in South Carolina.