Mediator Training

Interested in becoming a volunteer mediator? Get involved today by attending Introduction to Mediation Training in one of two mediator training formats:

  1. 20-hour classroom/role play – You are prepared to use your mediation and conflict resolution skills in the workplace and community as judged appropriate to the situation. You will receive a certificate for completing the 20-hour training, but will not be qualified to be an MMC volunteer mediator in Magistrate Court.
  2. 40-hour training, including 20-hour classroom instruction, 20-hour field work/lab in courtroom – You are qualified to serve as an MMC Volunteer Mediator in Richland and Lexington County Magistrate Courts, as well as potentially in other county courts, the workplace, and the community. You will receive a certificate of award for completing 40-hour training, qualifying you to be a volunteer mediator in Magistrate Court.

The Introduction to Mediation Training is open to 10-20 individuals and is well-suited for business, non-profit, human service, human resource, and law enforcement professionals. Training is available for a fee of $250.00 per individual, payable to the Midlands Mediation Center.  To register for a training, we request that potential trainees contact

MMC’s goal is to offer three trainings per year, depending on having sufficient numbers of trainees registered.  A minimum of 10 trainees is required to hold a training.  Generally speaking, trainings are held in the winter-spring, summer, and fall.  Specific dates and times will be posted on this web site when scheduled. Those interested in serving as an MMC volunteer mediator will be asked to complete a Volunteer Mediator Application with resume and relevant certifications attached.

Disclaimer: This training is not a certification in mediation and does not provide an expectation of employment from mediation; i.e., the certificate is not a license to practice mediation. 

Mediator Qualifications

MMC mediators meet eligibility requirements for the type of mediation they provide. Civil Mediators are prepared to provide volunteer mediation in civil court, i. e., Magistrate Court, after they complete the MMC Introduction to Mediation 40-hour training. As part of their training, mediators are required to complete a 20-hour classroom segment and a 20-hour field experience observing and co-mediating with experienced mediators in Magistrate Court. Once receiving a certificate, MMC civil mediators may work individually or in pairs.

MMC’s Family Mediators are experienced attorneys, many of whom practice family law, or are professionals trained in other fields.  Regardless of profession, all family mediators must have completed the S.C. Bar Family Mediation Training to be eligible to provide family mediation at MMC.  All MMC family mediators have received family mediation training through the S.C. Bar, other state Bars, or other state organizations/institutions. They are volunteer mediators for MMC, enabling mediation fees to return to support the center.

Mediators may have additional training or certifications. Some are graduates of Masters in Mediation Programs or from the former Organizational Change and Leadership Masters Program at Columbia College, in Columbia, SC.  Many have received certificates through the S.C. Bar, out-of-state mediation centers, federal agencies, or professional mediation and conflict resolution organizations.

MMC mediators enjoy the satisfaction of guiding parties in conflict to a mutually agreed-upon solution. They are passionate about mediation and seek opportunities to help individuals, families, and the community as a whole through mediation.