MMC relies on a dedicated core of volunteer mediators who have received training in civil and/or family mediation. Many use mediation in their legal, human resources, or social services professions. The main types of mediation MMC provides are below:

  • Community Mediation: Provides mediation in disputes such as neighbor-neighbor and tenant-landlord cases. A $25 administrative fee per party is used as a deposit to ensure individuals attend mediation. Mediation is free to the community. The mediation session is scheduled for two-hours and additional sessions can be scheduled. 
  • Family Mediation: Provides low-cost mediation services relating to separation, child custody, and divorce, by skilled mediators. Rate based on a sliding-fee scale*. A $50 administrative fee, typically divided by the parties, applies.
  • Real Estate and/or Workplace Mediation: Assists disputants in resolving conflict in real estate or workplace disputes. A flat hourly rate and a $50 administrative fee per party applies.
  • Magistrate’s Court Mediation: MMC has a contract with Richland and Lexington County’s Magistrate Court to provide volunteer mediators to Magistrate’s Court to save time and cost in court trials and legal fees. Magistrate’s Court cases requesting a jury trial have the opportunity to mediate their issue prior to the scheduling of the jury trial. 
  • Volunteer Mediator Training and Conflict Resolution Training – Please see Training page.


Whatever your mediation needs may be, MMC mediators use the following process:

As practiced, mediation is a confidential, non-adversarial and voluntary process through which a mediator hears a dispute between two or more individuals and facilitates the discussions and decisions that may lead to an agreement. The mediator remains neutral and does not decide who is right or wrong, but helps foster a discussion about issues that are important to both parties. The actual decisions reached are up to the parties in dispute.

Mediation is a means by which people involved in disputes are helped to respectfully and peacefully resolve their differences. Mediation allows the individuals in dispute to retain control of the decision-making process. The same dispute can be litigated.  Mediation does not deny individuals the opportunity to resolve their dispute through litigation.  The cost of litigation is often lengthy and expensive.  Once the dispute reaches the courts, parties relinquish the decision making process to the judicial system. 

For mediation to be most successful, the parties should be willing to participate in good faith to reach a settlement. This does not mean a positive outcome will be achieved in every situation. MMC’s mediators work to reach an agreement however if an agreement is not the outcome of the mediation, everyone leaves understanding the dispute and how each person perceives their position and interest. Often, parties in a mediation experience improved relationships, even if an agreement is not reached.

Mediation is a voluntary process.  NO ONE can force anyone to mediate.  The courts can order mediation as an outcome for dispute however individuals have the opportunity not to participate and the courts will be notified of their decision.  Individuals refusing to mediate are often asked to place their decision in writing for the purpose of the court and the overall process.  Any party may terminate the session at any time during the mediation session. Individuals who participate in mediation do not block access to the court system or future filing.

For information or assistance, call 803-714-1176.

Mediation TypeAdministrative FeeHourly Rate
Family Mediation$50.00See Sliding Scale
Community Mediation$25.00Free (2 hours)
Workplace Mediation$50.00$75.00
Business Mediation$50.00*Starting $125.00
Housing Mediation$25.00*Starting @ $50.00
*Hourly rate is based on income – Housing (rate based on individual income) – Business (rates based on gross annual revenue <$250K per year $125.00 per hour / >$250K per year $250.00 per hour) All of MMC’s mediators are volunteers and donate their time to help individuals who can not afford mediation.

*Sliding Fee Scale for MMC Family Mediations (based on Gross Annual Income):

$9,999 or less = $20.00/hr

$10,000 – $19,999 = $30.00/hr

$20,000 – $29,999 = $40.00/hr

$30,000 – $39,999 = 60.00/hr.

$40,000 – $49,999 = $80.00/hr

*$50,000 or more = $100.00/hr or more

*Midlands Mediation Center has volunteer mediators. Individuals volunteer their time at the center to assist individuals who can not afford mediated services outside of the sliding fee. Suppose individuals each make over $60K with a combined household income exceeding $120K; in those cases, we recommend contacting a private mediator. MMC can provide a list of certified/trained mediators to support their mediation needs. MMC will charge $125.00 per hour per person for individuals meeting this criterion. We will not deny anyone services.

In addition to the hourly fees for mediation services, each party typically splits MMC’s $50 administrative fee.

We accept cash, checks, credit or debit cards for payment.