We help families engaged in the separation and/or divorce process, addressing issues such as custody arrangements, property division and handling debt.  Family mediation also addresses interpersonal conflicts between family members.  An impartial mediator helps both parties negotiate a consensual and informed agreement.  Any decisions are made by the family, and no rights are waived.  Fees are charged on a sliding scale based on family income.

Family mediation can make the divorce process — and life after divorce — easier by helping both spouses discuss matters in non-adversarial and problem-solving ways prior to going to court.  Family mediation allows family members to address interpersonal disputes peacefully in order to repair their relationships.

Mediated agreements aim to preserve relationships, especially when children are involved.  Children benefit from the process because they have continuing contact with both parents and learn from this model of resolving conflict.

The Center’s Family Mediation Project conforms to the South Carolina Supreme Court’s rules regarding Family Court Mediation.  All Family Mediators have completed at minimum a 40-hour family mediation course and are insured. All mediators are volunteers.  If you prefer a specific mediator, please contact them via their private practice.  MMC can not guarntee a specific mediator for services as we value all mediator’s committed time to the center.

While family mediation makes the separation and divorce process somewhat easier, an attorney will be required to file and process the divorce.

For information or assistance, contact us at 803-714-1176.